Family Festival in Irpin city

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The Family Festival that took place in May was another stone in the foundation of restoration of family
values. It was a tremendous fest that drew attention of many citizens of Irpin city who came to support an
institution of the family in Ukraine. The festival was a part of an All-Ukrainian Family Week that lasted from
May 15 till May 22 in many cities of Ukraine. The purpose of the event was to draw attention of society to
problems of a family, to make stress on importance of development of family values and activate society, as
well as unite governmental and non-governmental institutions, businesses, media and Christian churches
around the question of family and marriage. New Hope worker Stanislav Gruntkovskiy organized and led this
big family event in Irpin, his town . The main found sponsors of the Festival were Irpin Bible Church, Church
Union of Irpin area, and building company “Build Group Management”. Irpin Bible Church is one of the
model churches that New Hope build partnership with.

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Conference ”Lviv region without orphans”

In April 27, 2012 the regional conference”Lviv region without orphans” took placein Lviv. The representatives of Lviv and regional administrations participated there.The different representatives of Christian faith and social organizations were present,all united by the striving for helping orphans.

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Teenage sport games

In April 23-27 a sport event for students of school #12 in Rivne took place. Many volunteers of New Hope Ukraine participated in it. The aim of this event was to popularize a healthy life style and bring the Christian principles and values to teenagers. More than 75 students participated in the sport games. During that week students had a great pleasure and fun competing in many games, relay races and contests.

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In Step with Master Teacher

In March 31 New Hope Ukraine did a conference “In Step with Master Teacher” for ministers who work with children. Participants had a chance to hear many useful and interesting things from trainers, Robert and Sandy Barber, who have a rich experience working with children.  The main theme of the conference was “How to develop Biblical attitude to children and children ministry and how to be a model for them”.

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