Foundation course

In September 19-21 the “Foundation course” took place in Lviv. The New Hope workers from five regions of Ukraine had an opportunity to be part of the conference. We want to express our gratitude to Chris, Roland and Fey for the conference and the time being together. It was very great and useful time, when we had an opportunity to deeply learn the history and structure of the ECMI organization, part of which we are now. Also it was very interesting to learn how in practice to write projects, plans, budgets, how to use different documents correctly and of course where to find them.
Thanks to Roland, we could deeply think and exam our spiritual balance and now we understand how it is important for us as Christians and in our ministries. It was very important for us, that Roland spent some time with us out of lections to talk and to learn something about us personally.
Especially important for us was the time when Chris shared with us about shame, honor, guiltiness and fear. That gave us clearance, that we live in a culture of shame and honor and that helps us in our ministries in working with unchristian people. And the last day of learning the “Shame” filled our hearts with more gratefulness and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ for His grate gift that He took all our shame and brought it to the cross! Glory to the Lord!