Children's Ministry


- Lack of a clear system of values in society
- Working families (i.e. social orphanhood. Both children and grandparents need education.)
- Dysfunctional families (alcoholism, drug addiction)
- Single-parent families (a huge number of divorces)
- Negative media & social media impact
- Peer pressure of friends & relatives (i.e. smoking and drinking)

Our goal:

Provide children an unshakable spiritual foundation, using the biblical teaching. Give them practical knowledge of God's principles so that they understand the laws of life and act wisely in all situations.

Help families create loving home environments that nurture children and their character development.

Help churches, parents and those involved in working with children obtain the necessary skills and resources to work with children.

Help local churches:

    - Educate and train children's ministers;
    - Create resources for the service;
    - Develop children's clubs;
    - Organize and conduct children's camps.


- "In keeping up with the perfect teacher". This course prepares leaders to help the students learn, love and obey God.  They will learn how to be a good example,  establish positive friendships, and communicate truth.

- Leadership development. This Bible based course prepares leaders and children's ministry workers, giving them a basis for reaching, teaching and encouraging children to grow in faith. The program is designed for anyone who has influence on the lives of children.

- Mini-seminars and hermeneutics of Christian education

- Day camps / kids clubs. Organizing and conducting children's camps and clubs.

- Bible correspondence courses for children in rural areas without local churches and/or wifi.  This program instills the love of God's Word and answers questions students have about life and Christianity.