Children's Ministry


- Lack of a clear system of values in society;
- Family workers (education of children and grandparents), social orphanhood;
- Dysfunctional family (alcoholism, drug addiction);
- Single-parent families (a huge number of divorces);
- The negative impact of media on children unconsciously absorb from the television and other means of mass harmful information;
- A negative example of peers / relatives (smoking, alcohol ...).

Our goal:

To provide children in unshakable spiritual foundation, using the biblical teaching. Give them practical knowledge of God\'s principles that they understand the laws of life and acted wisely in any situations.

We believe that the family - an environment in which the child has to get an understanding of life values. The Bible is the only source of these values, so the church must effectively influence society, sharing the truths that affect personality formation.

"HH" trying to help churches, parents and those involved in working with children obtain the necessary skills and resources to work with children.

We help local churches:

- Education and training of children's ministers;
- Resources for the service;
- Construction of the children's clubs;
- Organizing and conducting children's camps.


- Course "In keeping up with the perfect teacher". This course prepares leaders to helping the students achieve the goal - to learn, love and obey God, showing by example, establishing friendships, communicating truth and encouraging children to practice.

- Leadership training children\'s ministry. This program is based on the Bible. The aim of the course - to prepare leaders and children\'s ministry workers, give them a basis for reaching, teaching and encouraging children to grow in faith, these leaders provide necessary materials. The program is designed to everyone who has influence on the lives of children.

- Mini-seminars and hermeneutics of Christian Education

- Day camps / kid's clubs. Organizing and conducting children's camps and clubs.

- Program "Bible Correspondence School was established in 1994. Since then, "NN" successfully uses such a means of spreading Christian values, as correspondence with children, that takes the form of Bible correspondence courses. This method is simply indispensable when it comes to areas where no church or about children who, for various reasons are unable to attend Sunday school lessons. The program allows a child from an early age to instill the love of God\'s Word influence the development of her personality and this positive change her life.