Youth ministry

Vision: To get to see our teenagers faithful, even when facing death, to receive the crown of life

Any teenager in this world, faces some major decisions which will shape their way through life. Teenage years are a transition period which will influence their whole life. Its effects - positive or negative - will be according to the choices they've made.
Because teenage years are those years when kids start to ask some questions about their own person, their own life purpose, about the faith that their parents are trying to plant in them, adults should be much concerned about those future men and women.
Because adolescence is a crossroad of life, we believe we have a huge responsibility to be part of their life helping them and caring for them, especially because we are very welcomed in their lives.

Mission Statement:
Our ministry is to tell young people about Christ, to warn them, and teach them, with all the wisdom God has given us, for we want to present them to God, perfect in their relationship with Christ, depending on Christ\'s mighty power that works within us.

Core values:
1. Healthy relationships
2. Biblical teaching
3. Team work
4. Integration in the local church body
5. Family oriented

1. Create an environment where kids can hear the Good News and make a personal decision for Christ
2. Help them develop healthy, meaningful and long-lasting friendships with peers who have similar values
3. Be available when they need counseling
4. Diligently disciple and help them grow in Christ
5. Encourage them to spread the Good News among their peers

Workshops for youth leaders, preventive programs in public and private schools, Christian clubs, weekly small group meetings, local and regional events, camps and retreats.