Ukraine and the world needs you doing this ministry!


My name is Taras Shpak. I am a teacher of computer science in a public school and a New Hope Ukraine volunteer.

What made and motivate me to do school ministry? I'll try to explain. If someone has once stepped the rakes so I always have done it and even danced on them. I've made many mistakes in my life and now I have a big desire to warn young generation against of risky behavior and consequences and help them to become better.
If one opens the eyes and heart to look at at the circumstances the teens grow up in - incomplete families, many temptations, sin, absence of aim - the desire to go and help will come itself. What I like the most is that I can influence the teens and show them the positive example.
It is a big pleasure to watch them changing their ways of thinking, watch them becoming more knowledgeable in their lives. Many of them prefer to go to camps during out of school time to know more about real life.
If you do care what the modern youth and your country will look like in 10 years then you can do your input too. The doors of social ministry are not only widely opened but removed away from doorways. Unfortunately, there are not many people who care for others. Unfortunately, many do only formal things which do not touch or influence other people's lives. The teens need a good example or model, not just words. This ministry doesn't requires education but a big desire to bring help! Start doing it and you won't stop any more!
Friends, be faithful and consequent! Ukraine and the world needs you doing this ministry! Do it not for the sake of gratitude but for the sake of Jesus Christ!