Сімейні проекти

Restoring the masterpiece of the greatest Artist

The institution of marriage is not highly esteemed today. Millions of couples worldwide end their marriages in divorce. Media glorify casual sex and cohabitation as an alternative to traditional marriage between one man and one woman for life.
Some social observers are suggesting that marriage is no longer necessary or even desirable.
Yet, for an institution in such supposed decline, it is striking that nine out of ten people worldwide choose to marry at least once in their life. Most, if not all the couples begin their unions with the hope that their relationship will last for life.

So what is the problem?
Marriage - a masterpiece designed by the greatest Artist in history - needs serious work.
We need to examine what marriage looked like in its original state and how has the picture faded in the passage of time. At the same time we need to discover God's solutions for the twenty first century marriage.

Mission statement:
Our mission is to make known the Artist's original intent for marriage, warning and teaching every couple in all wisdom, that we may present them perfect in Christ Jesus.

1. To create a learning environment for married couples
2. To help them apply God's principles in their own marriage relationship
3. To facilitate and build relationships among families
4. To create a recreational environment for families

Pre-marital counceling, trainings, family camps and retreats.